Satisfied Client

November 22, 2011 in by Horizon Physical Therapy  |  Comments Off on Satisfied Client

“My first encounter with Horizon was in January 2010, when I participated in one of the running clinics. It was time for new running shoes and I was concerned about going to a running store, where there might be an incentive to put me in the most expensive shoes possible, rather than those best suited to my needs. Jimbo Wood proved to be an excellent resource and spent a great deal of time working with me to find the perfect shoe, to explain what I should be looking for in all athletic footwear and to adapt my tennis shoes for a better experience on the court. All of that, plus tips to improve my running made me one satisfied client.

In summer 2011, I was preparing for my first marathon, had been experiencing some knee pain and wanted to know whether my current running shoes would carry me through race day. Enter Jimbo. Without his advice, encouragement and most importantly, treatment of my tendonitis, I doubt my experience at the 2011 Chicago Marathon would have been as terrific as it was.”

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