Vestibular Disorder


Vestibular Disorder

vestibular-disorder-2A vestibular disorder is a dysfunction of the balance organs of the inner ear or other parts of the central nervous system that process balance.
The majority of hip fractures in older adults result from falls, and 50% of falls are the result of vestibular problems.
Physical therapy can reduce the symptoms associated with vestibular dysfunction.

Physical Therapy and Balance

Vestibular therapy is a specialized type of physical therapy that results in gaze and gait stabilization. At Horizon Physical Therapy, we have found that a personalized program including various head, body, and eye exercises help to coordinate balance-related systems.

We use a comprehensive program designed to reduce dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance frequently caused by vestibular disorders, and a number of positioning maneuvers to treat each individual patient’s symptoms.

Contact Horizon Physical Therapy today, and let us help you return to a safer, healthier way of life.

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