Client Testimonials

"I was referred to Horizon by my doctor for knee problems and I'm so thankful. Jimbo and his staff are friendly, but professional, and educational, but not stiff. Jimbo took time to explain what was causing my pain and what we would be doing to improve my knees over the weeks. Jimbo and Carrie always remember what we talked about on my last visit and know who I am, which isn't always the case in the medical setting. They also do running clinics, not just injury physical therapy. So if you are a runner don't wait until you're injured and have to see them!"
Horizon Physical Therapy Patient

“My first encounter with Horizon was in January 2010, when I participated in one of the running clinics. It was time for new running shoes and I was concerned about going to a running store, where there might be an incentive to put me in the most expensive shoes possible, rather than those best suited to my needs. Jimbo Wood proved to be an excellent resource and spent a great deal of time working with me to find the perfect shoe, to explain what I should be looking for in all athletic footwear and to adapt my tennis shoes for a better experience on the court. All of that, plus tips to improve my running made me one satisfied client. In summer 2011, I was preparing for my first marathon, had been experiencing some knee pain and wanted to know whether my current running shoes would carry me through race day. Enter Jimbo. Without his advice, encouragement and most importantly, treatment of my tendonitis, I doubt my experience at the 2011 Chicago Marathon would have been as terrific as it was.”
Horizon Physical Therapy Patient

"I have had the best experience at Horizon Physical Therapy. The receptionist to all the therapists and helpers are great people and very helpful and friendly. The therapists are very knowledgeable of your needs and they are very interested in my continual improvement physically and emotionally. I am so glad that Horizon Physical Therapy was recommended to me. Thank you so much for helping me.”
Horizon Physical Therapy Patient

"I have been coaching runners at the high school and college level for 40 years and I consider Jimbo Wood to be the best physical therapist I know. My daughter was unable to run without pain in her foot and had been to three specialists with no improvement. Jimbo immediately recognized the problem and had her back to running pain-free in no time. Both of my children see him on a regular basis now and he has helped them tremendously. I highly recommend any runner doing one of his running clinics. The staff is very knowledgeable and provides a great family atmosphere."
Parent of two Horizon Physical Therapy Patients

“In May I had knee replacement surgery and went to Horizon Physical Therapy during my recovery. They were very professional and nice. I would recommend them to everyone who needs physical therapy. My knee feels great! Thanks Horizon Physical Therapy.”
Horizon Physical Therapy Patient

“Jimbo Wood and his staff at Horizon have done good things for me. They are professional; they are fun to work with and in my opinion a great group of people. I am 80 years old and had fairly severe lower back pain due to bulging disks.  After working with Horizon my back pain has been significantly lessened. These people are good people.”
Horizon Physical Therapy Patient

"What a tremendous staff — I actually missed these fun folks when my knee got better!  I worked mostly with Jimbo, a top-notch diagnostician and raconteur and Carrie, who made even the most arduous therapy pleasant, but the entire staff is skilled and encouraging.  I just wish I’d seen Jimbo BEFORE knee surgery — would have saved me a lot of money and pain, I bet!  I’ve been running, hiking and biking pain-free thanks to Horizon Physical Therapy despite the fact that the doc said I’d never run again."
Horizon Physical Therapy Patient


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