New HPTR Seminar coming in February

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Jimbo Wood, PT, will be hosting a continuing education seminar entitled “Running in Slow-Motion: Video Analysis of the Running Athlete” in February 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia, with seminars in Nashville, Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama to follow.

In 2010, more than 625 marathons were held nationwide with more than 500,000 American participants. As distance running continues to become more popular, the need for a more systematic approach to evaluate and treat the running athlete must emerge. Additionally, as the running shoe industry continues to evolve, the ability of clinicians to effectively assess the dynamic foot and fit runners with proper footwear has become imperative.

As the number of running-related injuries filtering through our practices has increased, the need for more effective assessment of running form and footwear has emerged. Implementation of corrective strategies to improve running form and efficiency flaws that precipitate injury and promote decreased performance has become a hallmark of treatment interventions for the injured runner.

The Running in Slow-Motion seminar will teach video analysis of the running athlete by offering comprehensive look at the runner’s foot, footwear, form, and common running-related performance issues by teaching participants how to integrate slow-motion video analysis into the assessment and treatment of their running athletes.

To learn more, check out our course schedule.

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