Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

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In an effort to better serve our patients as well as the greater Athens running community, we are excited to announce that we have purchased an Alter-G treadmill.  The Alter-G is a state-of-the-art anti-gravity treadmill that allows injured runners to run throughout the rehab process and allows healthy runners to train with less stress on their lower body and less risk of injury. The Alter-G has also become an integral training tool for many professional runners and triathletes due to its ability to assist runners with “overspeed training”.

Our Alter-G will be up and running on Tuesday, October 15.  We are currently selling punch cards good for 2 hours on the Alter-G.  The time may be broken down into 15 minute increments and used as you wish.  Also, runners may purchase individual sessions in 15 minute increments.  Additionally, runners may purchase a monthly Alter-G membership which is good for 5 hours of Alter-G run time per week for 4 weeks.

Runners who call on or before Friday, October 11, to schedule an Alter-G appointment will get 15 minutes free with no obligations.

Call 706-548-7300 today to schedule a time to run on the Alter-G.


For more information on the Alter G, visit .

For more information on overspeed training, click HERE.

Pricing Information:

15 minute session = $12

2 hour punch card = $75

Monthly Alter-G Membership= $250 for 4 weeks

Appointments based on first come/first served basis during regular business hours Monday through Friday.  Sessions cannot exceed 1 hour per day.


Dry Needling Offered Beginning May 20, 2013

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We are pleased to announce that beginning May 20, 2013 we will be offering functional dry needling to all of our patients. Dry needling is a relatively new procedure that combines traditional acupuncture approaches with deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point release therapies and has been shown to be very beneficial in decreasing healing time, improving muscular extensibility, decreasing musculoskeletal stress, and effectively treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Additionally, functional dry needling is a version of intramuscular massage and is very effective in reversing the negative effects of endurance training. Often, endurance athletes who have had multiple (3-5) traditional deep tissue massage sessions will receive the same benefit from one functional dry needling session. Call or click to schedule your functional dry needling appointment today.

First “Running in Slow-Motion” course held Feb 25th

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I have always been amazed at the amount of misinformation that I see pertaining to running shoes, running form, and running injury prevention and treatment published in popular running periodicals. I am also amazed when I go to running continuing education courses and leave with tons of “evidence,” but no real insight into how to apply the “evidence” to my specific running patient population. Furthermore, I am constantly amazed at the “if it hurts when you run you should just stop running” mentality exhibited by many healthcare practitioners. The fact is that most running-related injuries are due to biomechanical misalignments and I know of no misalignment that is positively influenced by a simple bout of rest.

After years of evaluating and treating runners at Horizon Physical Therapy, I felt compelled to share my experiences and try to wade through the plethora of misinformation with other physical therapists and healthcare practitioners. Thus, the idea of HPTR Seminars, the continuing education branch of Horizon Physical Therapy, evolved. We held our first course entitled “Running in Slow-Motion: Video Analysis of the Running Athlete” in Atlanta this past Saturday, February 25th. The course was very well received by the participants and I feel blessed with the opportunities that this new venture promises. Future courses are scheduled for Nashville, Tennessee on April 21, 2012, and Birmingham, Alabama on June 23, 2012. Our plan is to branch out to areas outside of the Southeast next year. For more information on the Running in Slow-Motion course, click here.

New HPTR Seminar coming in February

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Jimbo Wood, PT, will be hosting a continuing education seminar entitled “Running in Slow-Motion: Video Analysis of the Running Athlete” in February 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia, with seminars in Nashville, Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama to follow.

In 2010, more than 625 marathons were held nationwide with more than 500,000 American participants. As distance running continues to become more popular, the need for a more systematic approach to evaluate and treat the running athlete must emerge. Additionally, as the running shoe industry continues to evolve, the ability of clinicians to effectively assess the dynamic foot and fit runners with proper footwear has become imperative.

As the number of running-related injuries filtering through our practices has increased, the need for more effective assessment of running form and footwear has emerged. Implementation of corrective strategies to improve running form and efficiency flaws that precipitate injury and promote decreased performance has become a hallmark of treatment interventions for the injured runner.

The Running in Slow-Motion seminar will teach video analysis of the running athlete by offering comprehensive look at the runner’s foot, footwear, form, and common running-related performance issues by teaching participants how to integrate slow-motion video analysis into the assessment and treatment of their running athletes.

To learn more, check out our course schedule.

Horizon Physical Therapy is now on Facebook

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Horizon Physical Therapy is now on Facebook! Please take the time to “like” us and you’ll have access to updates related to our community involvement, events, races, appearances, continuing education seminars and more. Visit our page to learn more.